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The Aller-G application was created by (Gideon Raya).

When my son Afek was eight months old, he experienced an allergy attack after eating Bamba for babies (Ktamtaminim) and was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed as suffering from an allergy to peanuts and eggs, when the final diagnosis arrived after a few months and tests were done to verify the allergy. 

As an expert in logic and process creation by profession, I decided that I will not let the allergy control the life of my son and my family. I investigated the subject for about two years and have decided to create logic and processes for the application in order for any person with an allergy, or a parent to a child with allergy to manage the allergy and have one system in their possession which will include all possible situations in daily life, which will facilitate, assist, and if necessary, will also be used as an emergency tool.

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