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What are the features of the Aller-G application?

The Aller-G application includes a wide range of applications suitable for adults, parents, children and pregnant women who are dealing with various food allergies.

Emergency button 

a useful application in emergencies intended for cases where your children or loved ones are having an attack, and by clicking the emergency button, the application sends a number of alerts:

  • Alerts for the people you have defined as emergency contacts, with the exact location of the user.

  • The application contacts emergency teams near your location.

  • Connecting users in case of an attacked for the purpose of immediate assistance with an EpiPen syringe.


An educational and experiential game for allergic children, adapted for the specific allergy of the child.

  • Teaching the user about the type of products and food they must avoid.

  • Interactive game with other users.

  • Enables the parent to create an independent game based on daily foods or products which the child encounters at home.

משחק - 4 אופציות.png


An application displaying hotels, restaurants, parks and businesses in an interactive map.

  • Displaying restaurants defined as friendly for people suffering from an allergy. 

  • Displaying hotels defined as friendly for people suffering from an allergy. 

  • Adding hotels and restaurants by the user and providing feedback. 


Social network 

News feed which is currently updated by the users and the system. 

  • Acquaintances - identifying users of the application (creating friendships). 

  • Events in your area suitable for people with allergies. 

  • Creating communities and themes. 



Creating a trip route in Israel and around the world, friendly to people with food allergies. 

  • Planning a future trip and displaying hotels or restaurants according to the destination. 

  • Planning a trip of allergic friends. 

  • Events planned at the trip destination. 



An interface created with an adaptation to your requirement with regards to aspects of nutrition and weight.

  • Creating a personal menu for the purpose of losing or gaining weight. 

  • Creating a workout plan based on your requirement. 

  • Menus for pregnant women. 



All reminders in all forms. 

  • Automatic reminders based on a shopping list. 

  • Reminder for another user. 

  • Reminder for taking medication. 



Barcode scanner for products. 

  • Displaying the ingredients of the product and its suitability for the user. 

  • Preparation options from the product. 

  • Nutritional values. 



  • Displaying kindergartens friendly for children with allergies.

  • Municipal notices and circulars. 

  • List of parks and playgrounds friendly for allergic children. 



  • Types of tests. 

  • Recommended doctors. 

  • New studies. 

  • Training and educational presentations. 


Download Aller-G

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