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The mission of Aller-G is to raise public awareness, to provide a service and education and to promote awareness on behalf of all of those damaged by food allergies. The application and the website provide information, resources, references and data intended to assist the public in managing life-threatening food allergies. If you have questions with regards to this policy or if you are interested in checking or correcting the personal information of your child or yourself, you can contact us via the email listed below. 

Email: contact@aller-g.app

Our obligation to privacy 

Here at Aller-G we acknowledge the importance of keeping your privacy. The purpose of this notice is to explain the procedures we implement in order to protect your personal information, the way we use this information and the choices you can make with regards to the way we use your personal information. You can access this notice by clicking the hyperlink for privacy policy which appears on each page on our website. Aller-G is committed to keep your privacy and honoring this policy.

Changes to this policy 

Aller-G reserves its right to change this policy at any time. In order to better serve you and your concerns with regards to your privacy, we will notify you on any change to this policy by advertising a prominent notice on the homepage of our website (www.aller-g.app) which states that there was a change or update to the privacy policy. We recommend that you read this policy.

The information we gather and how we use it 

You can surf the website and the application Aller-G without providing personal information. However, the system will not be able to assist you and/or it will be limited to some of the options in the application. If you choose to sign up to one of our mailing lists; to become a member or user; to purchase products; or to participate in an event, in a competition or in a program, you will be asked to provide relevant personal data such as your name, gender, Postal address, email address, telephone number, payment details, connection to food allergies and date of birth. The purpose of gathering these data is to assist Aller-G in contacting people and collecting payments done online. Aller-G also uses this personal information in order to consult users via online material, activities and new events, and in order to provide the users with an option to donate to programs and local and national initiatives. 

Information is collected by Aller-G both online and offline by volunteers, donors and event participants. This information may include name, address, telephone number, email address, age and information with regards to the users. The information is gathered via online signup forms, social networks, email and sharing. Aller-G uses this personal information in order to notify users, businesses, volunteers and rescue teams, regarding local and national activities and events as well as study initiatives. 

For visitors and members who are registered in the European Union, the following table provides information required by the GDPR with regards to our use of your personal information.

Personal information 

  • Contact details, including name, address, email address and telephone number. 

  • Details of the buyer, including credit card number, contact details and billing information. 

  • Demographic information including age, preferences, gender, academic degrees, ethnic background, areas of interest and information specific to the allergy itself. 

  • Technical information, including your IP address, the type of browser and/or mobile phone, names of area, access times and referring websites.

Legal basis for processing 

  • Consent to provide you with the content you request. 

  • In accordance with the need to have a contract. 

  • Necessary in order to provide you with the content you request. 

  • A legitimate goal of providing content suitable for you. 

  • A legitimate goal of verifying members and optimizing website performance.

Personal information about health 

Personal information included in specific questions submitted to Aller-G is used only as internal market research in order to help us better serve you. All other information entered on this website is used for cumulative demographic analysis alone and no information which enables personal identification is included in these analyses. Records are used to create cumulative reports for internal use only and are cleared after 7 calendar years from the date of login.

Payment details 

Payment details, such as credit card number and expiry date, I required at the time of completing the sale or registration which requires commission. Aller-G uses global payments and third party mediators (credit companies and online billing systems) in order to process the donations and online payments you make. Your credit card details are encrypted when they are transferred to the processor and are transferred via a secure connection between the computer and our server via secure socket layers (SSL), the industry standard, in order to guarantee protecting your personal information. This sensitive personal information is not shared with third parties apart from the processor and it is stored by Aller-G for verification purposes or for repeated donations and/or purchases which you have approved.

Cookies, GIFs, log 

Cookie files are small text files that the website and/or the application can place in the hard drive of a visiting computer in order to identify repeat visitors, in order to facilitate the use of the guest on the website and to track the access of the guest to the website and the use of it. 

Aller-G uses cookies together demographic data which help us better publish our mission, programs and events to visitors and potential users and in order to improve the functionality of the website and the user experience. We receive data which include The IP addresses, the types of browsers, date and time stamp, sign up information of visitors on our website. 

In addition, Aller-G uses cookies in order to enable us to track other websites which have connected among the visitors to our website, which pages on our website are used and interested by visitors and in order to connect to the information that the visitors provide Aller-G when they donate and/or use and/or sign up to participate on the website and/or our application. 

We use cookies on the website in order to remember your username. Websites which contain other programs managed by Aller-G may contain information regarding the manner of using cookies on these websites.

Sharing your information with third parties 

Aller-G will never share or sell your email address with third parties or other parties without your consent. Personal information gathered from website pages and/or our application is never shared or sold to third parties. 

If you are a resident of California, please click here to view your privacy rights in accordance with the law in California.

Public forums 

Aller-G advises users that personal information published on the website is accessible only to members.

Compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act 

We meet the requirements of the COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act); we do not gather information from anyone under the age of 13. The website, the products and our services are all addressed to people at least 13 years old, apart from the game function on the application, which is intended to teach children which products or foods to avoid and/or not avoid using.

Your rights under the GDP are with regards to personal data 

In accordance with the GDPR, visitors, members and users registered in the European Union have the right to request us to have access to personal data with store about you, to amend these data, or to limit our processing of the personal data, to delete the data, and to receive a copy of the data in a constructed, common and machine legible format (data mobility). If you would like to exercise your right under the GDPR, you can contact us via the email: contact@aller-g.app. Please use the subject line “GDPR request”. Your email must include sufficiently detailed description of the GDPR right for which you request assistance along with appropriate contact details. We may need to contact you for further information. Aller-G will notify you if your request was approved or denied, or if any exemptions apply. 

If you have provided consent to process and store your data, you have the right (under certain circumstances) to withdraw your consent at any time, which will not affect the validity of the processing prior to revoking your consent. 

You have the right to file a complaint to the information Commission Bureau in your country, if you believe that we have failed to meet the GDPR requests with regards to your personal data.


Email to donors and users: Aller-G may join email notifications of a first or third party or revoke your concerned to any communication via email, apart from transactional emails, such as donation receipts and information specific to an event or program registration. You can email us at: contact@aller-g.app.

Email for users who have submitted an information request: people who have requested specific information from Aller-G such as, but not limited to, email newsletters, agree that Aller-G may contact them via email in exchange for free services. Users under the CASL and GDPR regulations may join or revoke their consent to receive email from Aller-G. 

To the extent permitted by law, users who are not interested in receiving email related to activities or these newsletters may cancel these services by executing instructions to unsubscribe at the bottom of every email notification from Aller-G at the email address contact@aller-g.app

Users who are not interested in receiving email may follow the instructions of unsubscribing at the bottom of every email notification from Aller-G at the email address contact@aller-g.app

The foregoing are examples for options to revoke consent and are not intended to describe every option on the Aller-G website and/or application.

Canceling joining a future study on food allergies and education communication 

You can terminate your consent to communicate on the matter of Aller-G at any time by contacting contact@aller-g.app.

Aller-G reserves its right to recognize your donation. If you have signed up to the newsletter or to any publication whatsoever made by Aller-G, you may unsubscribe by performing the instructions on the email to which you signed up. You can also remove yourself from the email list by contacting us via email: contact@aller-g.app.

Please send us your name, telephone number, and your email address is and which communication you would like to revoke your consent to Aller-G. Your email address is never shared with third parties without your express consent.

Our commitment to information security 

Aller-G implements physical, electronic and managerial procedures in order to guarantee that your personal information is protected at all times. Our servers are located in a shared facility and in a secure location off site. Access of employees to personal information is only on the basis of need to know. All employees are aware of the privacy policy and any update or change to it. The employees recognize the importance of keeping the privacy of the users and/or visitors and/or donors on the website and/or the application.

The privacy of your child 

We may gather the personal information of your child such as name, email address, allergies, date of birth, gender and Postal address in order to interest and/or register him or her (with the approval of the parents) in activities for study and education for food allergies such as school programs and/or pilots for developing games for the application or the website, events, research, competitions, acquaintances with other users, updates in case of emergency to rescue teams, adapting personal menus. 

The personal information of your child is subject to all terms of this privacy policy.

Your privacy rights in accordance with the California law 

Websites owned by organizations acting in California must comply with privacy procedures described in the privacy act in California S.B.27 which refer to gathering and using personal information in direct marketing activity. 

As was discussed throughout this policy, Aller-G owners your requests with regards to your personal information, with regards to online communication and email, as well as telemarketing communication, and renting exchange list. 

If you prefer to not receive email notifications from Aller-G, please notify us via email contact@aller-g.app.

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