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The Aller-G application was intended to make the lives of people suffering from food allergies, easier. The application includes a social network which enables its users to receive updated information about products for people with allergies and contact people with allergies from all over the world. In addition, the application creates menus suitable for pregnant women and overweight or underweight people who are interested in changing their nutrition, while taking into account the allergy they are handling. In the application you can find information about a variety of restaurants, hotels, kindergartens and schools friendly for people with allergies. Additionally, in the application you can play a game, teaching children about their allergy. The application also includes emergency applications assisting in case of an allergy attack.

How to identify an allergic reaction

 One or more of the following symptoms

Rash on the body, rash on the face

Weak pulse, unconsciousness, dizziness, fainting

Breathing difficulties, wheezing, burning sensation or fullness in the pharynx

Vomiting, nausea, stomach aches

Swelling in the eyes, in the lips, in the tongue, or in the face

What is food allergy?

A food allergy is a fast and severe response of the immune system upon exposure to protein s in the food, which can occur in the case of eating, contacting or inhaling as a result of the location of food proteins in the air. 

During the first exposure to those materials known as allergens, the immune system activates antibodies of the type Ig E which attach to the tissues of the body. 

Those antibodies will result in the release of inflammation activating substances known as histamines, which cause the following symptoms, which is how they can be detected. 

In extreme cases the reaction to the allergen could lead to unconsciousness and death.

Foods which usually cause an allergy are

The spread of food allergies in recent years 

In recent years there has been a continuous increase in the prevalence of food allergies around the world. 

A study conducted by the company FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) in the United States has shown an increase of 377% between the years 2007 and 2016 in the detection of new food allergy cases. 

In Israel, the estimated prevalence among toddlers and kindergarten children is between 3 and 5% (15,240-25,400 thousand) and among schoolchildren between 1 and 2% (17,640-35,280 thousand). Some of these children will continue suffering from sensitivity and allergies to different foods as adults as well. 

It should be emphasized that patients who have a food allergy may develop life threatening symptoms (an anaphylactic reaction) after exposure to a minute amount of that food. Asthma is one of the main risk factors for a life-threatening reaction to food. 

Around the world, 6% to 8% of children up to the age of five suffer from an allergy to any food whatsoever, and the rate of adults with food allergies is 2% in the United States. 32 million Americans suffer from food allergies, among them 5.6 million children under the age of 18. 

In certain cases, there may be an improvement in the allergic reaction with age, and the allergy to certain foods may go away. 


The estimation parialy based on WAO & WUN survey 2013.

The reasons for the increase in the prevalence of food allergy are not completely known, but researchers estimate that the causes for that are the use of processed plant oils such as margarine, which encourages excess production of antibodies of the type of Ig E, a decrease in the consumption of fruit and vegetables which contain antioxidants, as well as a decrease of vitamin D which can be found in fish, eggs, liver, milk and butter. 

The safe way to avoid the allergic reaction is to not eat the food products which caused the allergy, and to examine the different ingredients in the products you consume. 

In emergencies where you are your loved ones are experiencing an allergy attack which is known as an anaphylactic shock, adrenaline must be injected with an epinephrine syringe as well as an immediate evacuation to a hospital. An allergy attack is a life-threatening condition and therefore it's important to act as soon as possible. 

If you or your loved ones suffer from a food allergy, you are welcome to get to know the Aller-G application which was specially developed in order to facilitate and improve the lives of adults and children dealing with an allergy

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